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We are Amanita Muscaria, a PvE focused Tera guild on the Serpentis Isle-US servers. We began as a loose collection of real life friends and have grown to include other like minded friends we've met in games along the way. Most of us come from extensive MMO PvE and PvP backgrounds across several games, like WoW, Rift, and Aion.

Our main goals are 1) share our free time with other awesome folks to like having a good time, 2) kill us some monsters!, 3) enjoy ourselves while doing both. We welcome gamers of any kind and appreciate the high skill level required for a game like Tera. Our personalities are direct, brash, but lighthearted. We enjoy a good joke, but know how to take things seriously when it's time to buckle down and get it done.

We plan to focus on end-game PvE, particularly 5-mans, hard modes, raids (eventually), and Nexus rifts. The goal isn't to be nesecarily hardcore or casual, but find a good place in between. We want to play, but the game can't be our whole lives. We'll take a night of good dungeon grinding seriously, but we want to laugh while doing it. We can't promise a drama free atmosphere, but we can promise it will always be fun.
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